Why You Should Write An eBook

You may want to create affiliate programs that will also market your ebook. Affiliates can be people or businesses worldwide that will all be working to sell your ebooks. Or you may want to sell your ebooks through sites such as www.Clickbank.com. Think about this? Do you see a formula for success here?

You need to figure out what your subject matter is, and then narrow it down. Your goal is to be as specific as possible. Research what’s out there already, and try to find a niche or void that your ebook might fill.

You don’t have to have a degree to write about your subject. People need advice that is easy to read and easily understood. Parents need advice for dealing with their teenagers. Students need to learn good study skills – quickly. The possibilities are endless.

After you’ve written your ebook you will need to focus on getting it out there.

The answer to this is simple: give it away! You will see profits in the form of promoting your own business and getting your name out. Almost every single famous ebook author has started out this way.

Another powerful tool to attract people to your ebook is to make it interactive. Invent something for them

Ebooks are so essential. Not only do they provide a forum for people to learn and make sense of their own thoughts, but they can also serve to promote your business at the same time.

Experts Share 5 Networking Tips for Business Owners

As the calendar changes from summer to fall, its time to refocus your energy on your fourth-quarter objectives. One great way to do this is to build or rebuild your pipeline of prospects.

As Ive said many times, it doesnt pay to go solo, even if youre a “solopreneur.” One proven way to build your business is to reach out to people who can help you. In fact, thats what I did in order to create this weeks Tip! I got in touch with five colleagues who work with business owners and asked for their #1 piece of advice on networking.

Meet people face to face. By giving your clients a chance to connect a face with a voice, youll be more memorable than if you limit yourself to phone communication, says Michael Katz, a marketing advisor who specializes in helping solo professionals develop a clear niche. Commit to one coffee or lunch per week and youll have 50 meetings under your belt by the end of the year. BluePenguinDevelopment.com.

Get past “hello.” When you meet someone, ask questions that go beyond what they do for a living, advises Victoria Nessen Kohlasch, owner of a marketing consulting firm that helps companies build brand momentum to achieve their growth goals. Follow up the necessary introductory questions by offering the other person an opportunity to share a success story. “What wins have you had recently?” or “How did your last client find you?” will give them permission to recall a positive experience. Dont you suppose that will make you more memorable, too? NKAmarketing.com

Send handwritten notes. Even if youve exchanged thank-you emails, follow up with an old-fashioned note on paper, says Evelyn Starr, a marketing consultant who assists young brands that have stalled after their initial success. In this day of constant electronic communication, its a treat to get a personal note. It will also distinguish you in the contacts mind and signal that youre genuinely interested in building a relationship. EStarrAssociates.com

Take your social media conversation offline. Your relationship with a contact may start on a social media platform, but it doesnt have to stay there. When you find a person with potential to help your business grow, move the conversation to email, or better yet, meet up for coffee, suggests Suzan Czajkowski, who helps small businesses and nonprofits develop online marketing strategies. This will take the conversation out of the public eye and create a space for more productive interaction. TheCommCoach.com

Know when to follow up. Theres a balance between persistence and patience. Too little connection, and decision-makers will forget about you, but too much and your prospects may become annoyed. How to know what to do? Just ask them, says Caryn Kopp, a consultant who advises business owners on how to secure initial meetings with hard-to-reach prospects. Dont assume your contact will remember you a week, a month, or a year from now. People like to know theyre not the only ones investing time and effort at the beginning of a relationship. Kopp suggests the following questions:

* What do you see as our next step?

* Would a call or email be the best way to schedule time to continue our conversation?

* I understand there isnt an opportunity right now, but when can I check back with you?

Even if the current response to your overture is “no, thanks,” the situation could very well change down the road. If you want to be considered when the need arises, you have to stay in touch. KoppConsultingUSA.com

With so many ways to stay connected in todays multimedia world, its disheartening how often we still manage to miss each others signals. But remember: No matter how busy you are, its worth your effort to keep track of people who can help your business succeed. For more suggestions on using networking to build your business, contact me.

Top 10 Article Submission Sites For Marketing Ebooks

If you are marketing ebooks with articles, you will need to review the article directories you will use for your submissions. Generally you will use the Google pagerank of a site and its alexa ratings to decide if a site is a top site or not. Google pagerank is the value Google assigns to sites to determine their relevance to searches performed on Google. Alexa ratings are based on the number of Alexa toolbar users who visited a specific site; it does not measure total internet traffic, but can give you an idea of the traffic on a site. The lower an Alexa rating is, the more popular that site is, to Alexa toolbar users.

Based on these, the top 10 article directories submission sites you may want or need for marketing your ebooks are

1. Ezinearticles.com
2. Buzzle.com
3. Goarticles.com
4. ArticleDashboard.com
5. IdeaMarketers.com
6. SooperArticles.com
7. Amazines.com
8. ArticleCity.com
9. ArticleRich.com
10. iSnare.com

Bear in mind that this will likely change over time though, if more or less Alexa toolbar users visit each site or Google changes the pagerank of any one of the sites. There are lots of sites on the internet that provide for free, a listing of article directories with their Google pagerank and Alexa ratings on a weekly or monthly basis or so, you may want to use them to keep track of these information.

In addition to the Google pagerank of a site and its alexa ratings, for effective article marketing you will also need to figure out the specific targets each article directory focuses on. And will also have to find out, if the specific categories that are related to your niche are available on each directory. You may preview the top articles in your categories across several article sites to have an idea of popular article topics, you may create for your promotions too. You may also want to know the rules governing each article directory to know how to write for them.

You may submit your articles to the top 5-10 article directories first and then get a list of the next top 30 or more directories to submit to, too. You may get this list for free on the internet also. The more top article directories you submit to, the better your results are likely to be. Your ebook marketing efforts will greatly pay off, if you use article submission software with the promotion of your ebooks. With ebooks, just like any other product you will sell online, you may need to promote with lots of articles consistently for some time to get some good results, trying to do this manually may not be ideal. Article submission software will not only help you to get your articles to more sites quickly, it will also free you up for other tasks in your online business.

Marketing ebooks through articles can be effective if you create the right content, choose the best article directories for your promotions, automate your submissions and consistently track your article marketing results to know where to optimize next.

Kindle Fire Beyond eBooks

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a relatively inexpensive tablet, or an extremely sophisticated ebook reader, depending on how you look at it. As with all gadgets and gizmos, the magic of this tablet is in the eye of the beholder; it’s all in how you want to use your Kindle Fire. In this article, we’ll get down to the nuts and bolts of Amazon’s innovative e-reader, and explain why we enjoy the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire OS Marches to a Different Drummer

Amazon’s Kindle Fire runs a customized, unique fork of the more commonly known Gingerbread OS, used in many Android smartphones. Because it’s a fork a geeky industry term for a remixed, modified version of software the Kindle Fire OS will look nothing like the Gingerbread you might be used to on your smartphone.

However, the features Amazon packs into the Kindle are useful. Rather than simply emulating the system of buttons and panes used in most Android devices, the Kindle Fire uses a format more befitting the world’s biggest online book retailer: a bookshelf. All your ebooks, apps, music and games are represented as books and LP albums on virtual mahogany shelves.

The carousel occupies the top shelf, and is the visual equivalent of your browser history; it collects all the albums, books, games, and videos you’ve been using recently onto a single shelf. Similar to iTunes; you can shuffle through back and forth through the carousel to see the whole thing.

The favorites shelf is just beneath the carousel, and gives you a place to pin your favorite apps and books. Simply drag your favorites from the carousel onto the favorites shelf. To see your collection at large, you can switch to different shelves.

Kindle Fire Hardware Surprisingly Beefy, Surprisingly Affordable

With a high-def, IPS touchscreen, half a gig of RAM, and a 1.5GHz processor, the Kindle Fire has technological guts and a screen that other tablets charge twice as much for. However, as of this writing, the Kindle Fire only costs two hundred bucks.

It’s been estimated by Forbes.com that Amazon sells it’s Kindle Fire at cost, or even at a loss, expecting to recoup the profits in book and app sales. Considering the Kindle Fire has sold more than six million units since its debut last year with no signs of slowing down, we’d say the business model is working for them so far.

Kindle Fire Features You Know… What You Can Actually Do With It

Some tablets tout cameras, HDMI output ports, and SD ports. The Kindle Fire has none of these. It stays true to its roots as an ebook reader; a device for the quieter, more reserved tablet user let those coffee-guzzling hipsters have the oversized screens and bloated features.

That said, the Kindle Fire is wonderful for quiet “me times.” Unlike e-paper readers, Kindle Fire has a backlit screen, which means you can read it in bed. The Fire’s single USB port also supports practically all Flash drives and USB-based storage media; so the Fire can take the place of your music player in your backpack.

And don’t forget that crisp IPS screen, which makes the Kindle Fire an ideal personal movie player and game machine. Movies, games, and more can be loaded on from your computer or purchased from the Amazon store.

The Kindle Fire is also impressively versatile. Search around Google or YouTube and you’ll find videos and articles of people doing all sorts of creative things with the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire Wrapping it Up

The Kindle Fire is an impressively spec’d-out seven-inch tablet for less than half of what competitors charge for theirs. It’s unique OS lends Amazon’s apps and ebooks a visceral feel; like browsing your own personal library. Except its a library the size and weight of a thin hardbound book, that goes where you do.

Can A Private Label Rights Ebook Help Grow Your Online Business

There are lots of people who use PLR eBooks on a daily basis to help them grow their business. There are many ways that the private label rights eBook can be a benefit to helping your business. You can do some research to discover how other people are using these eBooks to help them with their business. The more you learn about a PLR eBook the more ways you’ll have to use them.

Here are some of the ways that you can make use of the plr eBook for your business.

One: You can take the plr eBook as is and give it away to your subscribers of your ezine. This is a good incentive for getting people to sign up to your ezine.

Two: You can also take the eBook apart and set up some special reports that you are able to give away on your site or to subscribers to your newsletter. Depending on the size of the eBook you could end up with 2 or more special reports that you can use for your business.

Three: You may also rewrite the plr eBook so that it has your voice and is one-of-a-kind to anyone else that got the same private label rights eBook. This will give you your own eBook that you may give away that’s unique or you may sell it as your own product. Either way, if you are going to rewrite it, you want to Make sure that you rewrite enough that it’s your own in your own voice.

Four: Another choice is to take the plr eBook and pair it up with other private label rights eBooks to put in a package that you may give away or sell. You need to Make sure that the eBook that you make use of can be put into a package though. Some of the private label rights eBooks do not want you to do this. So check with each of the plr’s before you do this with any eBook.

These are just a few of the ways that you may make use of a PLR eBook for your business. There are other ways that you may make use of the private label rights eBook if you put your brain to it. Learn how others are using these eBooks so that you can come up with creative and effective ways to make use of eBooks to help you grow your business. you’ll be glad that you did when you end up with a wonderful marketing tool for your business.

The Kreepy Kraulys Story

Kreepy Kraulys are one of the most recognizable pool accessories and automatic pool cleaners in the world. Its popularity has continued to grow to this day and is a very common sight in many Australian backyards.

Kreepy Kraulys are the original pool cleaners and were invented by a South African engineer Ferdinand Chauvier. The first prototype of the Kreepy Krauly was devised in 1951 but it wasnt until 1974 that the Kreepy Krauly we know today was first born. Chauviers Kreepy Kraulys revolutionized swimming pool cleaning around the world and took the hassle out of pool cleaning forever.

The idea for the Kreepy Krauly developed over time. The need for an automatic cleaner had become apparent to Chauvier and his son Daniel, who at that time was selling pool products door to door. Daniel was exposed to pool owners great dislike for pool cleaning. This knowledge combined with Chauviers hydraulics engineering background created the idea for the original Kreepy Krauly.

The 1974 version of the Kreepy Krauly was made from a combination of wood and rubber tubing which were originally melted together on Chauviers kitchen stove. Daniel took the Kreepy Krauly to his customers and showed them how it worked. What he discovered was that many pool owners were reluctant to let them go. The Kreepy Krauly was a success.

In 1978 the wooden version of the Kreepy Krauly received a make over and got its first plastic injection moulding so that it looked more like the Kreepy Krauly we know today. This visual make over was the first of many for the Kreepy Krauly. Interestingly though the original patented design of the Kreepy Krauly, with some minor technological improvements over the years, has essentially stayed the same for over 27 years. It is because of its outstanding design that Kreepy Krauly is a favourite amongst pool owners.

If you are interested in purchasing a Kreepy Krauly for your home visit the Pool and Spa Warehouse and check out their range of Kreepy Kraulys.

If you have any questions about the Kreepy Kraulys then call one of the experts at Pool and Spa Warehouse on 02 9676 7996 or email us at [emailprotected] Remember, when you buy a Kreepy Krauly you are buying an automatic pool cleaner with a long and interesting history. Kreepy Kraulys are the original automatic pool cleaners and are the perfect cleaner for any pool.

Bullworker Exercises Lamebrained Or Revolutionary

I wanted to share my thoughts and the thoughts of some experts in the field of exercise physiology on why you should NOT follow the old Bullworker exercise training program.

What we first have to realize is that the Old Bullworker training program was created in the 70’s. Well 30 plus years have gone by and so has the field of exercise and nutrition. The results that the current level natural bodybuilder are achieving are way beyond what was done years ago. So in essence the training protocol that Bullworker uses still is based on what was know about exercising 36 years ago!

Today we know you don’t want to exercise every day.

Muscles need rest. You grow when you are not exercising.

The Value Of Rest

It’s rest that makes you stronger, because it is the rest that allows the muscles that you have broken down to heal and recover. It’s the rest that allows you to recover so you can be strong, and thereby handle the increased resistance and increased number of sets and reps needed to gain further.

Why does rest play such an important role in muscle recovery? It is during sleep where Growth Hormone (GH) levels are at their highest. Physiologic improvement in bodybuilding can only occur during the rest period following hard training. This is also why consuming the proper foods and supplements immediately following such training is key.

I will list SOME of the reasons why you shouldn’t ever follow that old Bullworker exercise program.

Train every day … WRONG!
Use 60% strength … WRONG!
No Advanced Training Techniques, i.e. muscle confusion, cycle training, eccentric movements, split routines … WRONG!
Relying strictly on Isometric Training and ignoring the PROVEN muscle building aspects of advanced bodybuilding concepts … WRONG!
Providing NO education whatsoever to one of the most important aspects of muscle building, Nutrition …. WRONG!
Not using post-Isometric training … WRONG!
The one size fits all school of bodybuilding … WRONG!

So you may say… “hey many people have used the old training program and gotten results!” Right??

Truth be told yes, you can get SOME results using the old Bullworker program, but everyone today knows you don’t train every day!

No bodybuilder, power-lifter, Olympic athlete, NO ONE, today does a complete body workout every day.

That’s just dumb, dumb, and double dumb!

The entire Bullworker training program that is still being preached by the Bullworker people is archaic and ridiculous. I hear it all the time from people using the old Bullworker program that they end up getting “tendonitis.”

Their joint and tendons hurt and they either quit or stop training. Has this happened to you yet? It will!

In part 2 I will discuss the benefits of PIC and how this can increase your strength and muscle building results by up to 300%.

Know More About The WordPress Goldmine Ebook

How often do you find an e-book when published on a certain subject, clearly shows just how useless others already available are.

With the launch of WordPress Goldmine, this is exactly what has happened.

Where most of the other affiliate marketing guides ask you to focus on finding the right product through Clickbank and then creating blog in order to market the product.

WordPress Goldmine tells you a different thing.

However, through this book, you will learn about the different aspects concerning not only finding the right domain names abut also the right products to promote on your web sites.

It takes an in-depth look at not just the processes but also the different kinds of sites that one can build.

It also provides you with real live examples that actually provide the value in this e-book, which is unlike any other.

This book is easy to follow and understand.

This is because the author has painstakingly broken the book up into five separate sections.

In section one, the author looks at the different ways of building a WordPress blog, plus the steps one needs to take in order to get your blog up and running in the shortest possible amount of time.

Plus this section has some bonus videos, which can help you to understand the whole process from the beginning to the end.

You will learn how to add the contents to your blog in section 2.

In this section, the author covers everything from using PLR articles to good original content.

It also teaches how you can get unique content posted to your blog regularly and completely for free and which will help you to develop your own content in no time at all.

Note – free content but it is good quality unique content.

Of all the sections in the book, Section three is the crown jewel as far as I am concerned.

Over here, it clearly explains the different ways in which one is able to monetize a WordPress blog.

It will probably take some time to complete this section as the author provides in-depth information on how he himself made a $15,000 income through just one blog post alone.

Actually, of all the sections of the book this is probably the one that really offers you the best value for money.

As not only does the author Mark explain how he made money himself but also shows the exact ways in which you can make money with your blog offline.

A number of plans out state that you should be able to make $$$ in just 30 days, but which are simply often not achievable.

However, with the plan in this resource, the author explains how you could be earning an extra $1,000 per week by the end of 2008.

When you get to section 4 of the book, you will be shown the various ways to promote the sites that you have built.

This section shows a diagram and a list of quality sites which can make the difference between yours being a success or failure.

This is probably the most important section with its details on how to drive traffic.

In the final section of this book, it helps you to take your website promotion to a completely different level when building your online site.

Some will find this section tough to go through, but the author has provided several warnings that one should master the previous sections before hitting this section.

WordPress Goldmine is a superb guide to help with online affiliate marketing when taken as a whole.

By using commonsense over unnecessary hype, it certainly made a pleasant change and could well hopefully lead to more internet marketers actually producing books of a calibre similar to this one.

Albeit WordPress Goldmine contains all 110 pages, each one of them is real value for money.

Whether you are a complete novice or have been involved in internet marketing for a long time, you are going to find tips and good advice contained within these pages useful.

So, if you really want to start earning a good online income through affiliate marketing, then I will suggest that you purchase a copy of WordPress Goldmine today.

Ebook Marketing -write A Killer Title For Your Ebook!

Do you have problems writing and selling your ebooks?

Read this article for tips on how to make your ebooks sell like wildfire.

Here are simple steps to make sure that you write high quality ebooks and sell them like crazy beyond your wildest dreams…

1. Provide Exceptional Support.
2. Write a killer Title for Your Ebook.
3. Eye Catching Cover and Website Graphics.
4. Provide Exceptional Content.
5. Create an Easy to Navigate Site.

Lets get down to step by step details…

1. Provide Exceptional Support.

This is the most important step if at all you want to do a long term business online very successfully.

There are websites that provide high quality products but fail to provide high quality support.

What is the use? Their efforts to create a reputable internet business are all wasted because of this silly mistake. Without support your internet business will not flourish in the long run because providing a top notch support is what your customers want in this internet world.

Make sure you create a customer support center on your website and make a point to answer your customers questions within 24 hours, for more details visit to www.make-your-ebook-sell.com even though they are asking you the silliest question on this planet.

2. Write a killer Title for Your Ebook.

Your website visitor will see your ebook title and then decide whether this is something that attracts his interest. If he will be interested he will then continue to read your salesletter further. Title is equally important for your ebook as it is for any website’s sales copy. Include a benefit in your ebook title and present it in a persuading and exciting format.

For example: There is an article marketing ebook that shows how to drive traffic using articles.

The title of that ebook is ‘Turn Words into Traffic’.

Here you can see how the benefit has been blended into a catchy title in an exciting format.

3. Eye Catching Cover and Website Graphics.

Putting attractive ebook cover on your site along with beautiful header graphic will make sure that you pull down more sales. If you are not a good website designer you can higher a site designer at enlace or any other outsourcing based sites. Having an attractive ebook cover will increase your conversion rates as your readers feel as if they will get access to something that is viewable rather than something imaginary.

4. Provide Exceptional Content.

The only reason your visitors will purchase your ebook is they want high quality content. If you cannot give this to your readers you are sincerely doing a disservice to them by taking their money. High quality content will make sure that your ebook spreads around the net super fast and the word of mouth will boost your sales right off the charts.

5. Create an Easy to Navigate Site.

With a quality ebook it is important to create a quality website that is simple and easy to navigate. If you create confusing things on your site and give your readers hundreds of products to purchase or for more details visit to www.eazy-ebook-money.com hundreds of links to visit they will get confused and ultimately quit. Therefore make sure that you make your site as simple as possible but professional with an easy to navigate interface. Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article writing success, ‘Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide’.

how i grow taller Increase Taller Speedily – How To Increase A Foot Taller In A Week

Since I couldn’t make them quit, I made a decision to adjust my height to see if I could alter items this way. I located a stage-by-action guide for rising taller, but considering that I didn’t want to adhere to every thing there, the increase taller workouts in this guide suited me very best.

A number of of them I could do only at the health and fitness center, but that was ok, given that I went each working day. The greatest improve taller work outs in this system were, nonetheless, very simple to comply with and I was in a position to execute them at house. Just immediately after a number of weeks I had a moreover of a several inches, and considering that this method worked for me quite properly, I’m likely to explain here a couple of of the develop taller work outs that I on a regular basis do given that I observe this method.od.

Most of these exercises are centered on stretching the arms, legs and most crucial, the spinal column. Here are a number of increase taller exercise routines concentrated particularly on the spinal column.

1. The 1st of the grow taller workouts for the spinal column development is named “cobra”. To complete this exercising, you need to have to lie down on the floor, palms on the flooring below your shoulders and start off to lean back again, arching your backbone as much as achievable, pushing up and climbing your chin. When your access your utmost extend, take it easy and repeat. Each stretch ought to be preserved for up to 30 seconds.

two. Another one particular of the grow taller workout routines is “the bowl”. You need to start off this exercising by lying on the flooring, facial area down, with the arms and legs prolonged. Raise both equally legs and arms simultaneously as high as you can, relaxing and repeating this each five seconds.

three. “The super stretch” is one of the grow taller workouts that I desire as I can do it randomly in the course of the day. For this you need to stand on your toes, boosting your fingers as large as feasible, leaning again a minor, right up until you sense the extend in your reduced backbone. Just about every stretch have to be up to ten seconds very long.

four. “The contact toes” speaks for by itself. You need to bow ahead as a lot as feasible, touching your toes with your fingers. You ought to retain your legs straight all the time, without bending your knees. The finest time for every single extend should elevate up to five seconds.

However, if you are hunting to grow taller rapidly by a foot in about a week then I dislike to tell you that there is no way that this is heading to happen at all except if you get started walking on stilts. You can, on the other hand, about time increase taller quickly by at the very least 2 inches dependent on how much work you are inclined to place into what I am heading to exhibit in the next post.

Most of the human development hormones are produced in the course of this time. The more time you sleep the a lot more productive it would be.